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Why An Ayurveda Wellness Club?

Having practiced Ayurveda for nearly 3 decades and worked with 1000+ clients, Vaidya Archana noticed some common trends among her clients. Virtually all of us suffer from imbalances that negatively impact our quality of life. Whether this is derived from a stressful, burdened, perpetual daily routine, from chronic pain, from a sports injury or a combination of factors… diet and lifestyle play a huge part in determining our “wellness”. The opposite of EASE is DISEASE, and Vaidya Archana, through the Annual Ayurveda Wellness Club, will show you how to build and sustain a sense of EASE in your mind, body and spirit, improving your health and wellness through an Ayurveda lifestyle, fending off the likelihood of DISEASE entering the fray!

Join our wellness club to have year-round preventative care and guidance from Vaidya Archana. Think of this like first aid, Ayurveda style. Ayurveda says we should follow seasonal regimens in order to remain closer to our natural constitution, limit imbalances, optimize lifespan and sustain a great quality of life and reduce the chances of your ailments from becoming chronic conditions.

The Annual Ayurveda Wellness Club exists as your guide to keep you on track, in the right frame of mind so you have the right set of tools in your tool kit to thrive from a health and wellness perspective, preventing the onset of illness, addressing stress related issues and to help you succeed in achieving your goals and ambitions without sacrificing your health in the process…

What Is Included In The Ayurveda Wellness Club?

  • A SIGNATURE 90 Minute Initial Ayurvedic Consultation with Vaidya Archana including a 2-3 page personalized written action plan for YOU ($250 value)
  • 3 x 45 Minute Follow Up Consultations with Vaidya Archana throughout the year ($375 value)
  • Additional Follow-Up’s (if desired) will be offered at a $50 discount for club members only ($75 instead of $125)
  • Ayurvedic herbal prescriptions (updated) following each Consultation session (herbs cost not included)
  • 10% off any body therapy treatments (A-La-Carte Services) booked at Ayutherapy Ayurveda Wellness Center

What Will The Ayurveda Wellness Club Cost Me?

Literally “A Dollar A Day” to help you maintain an optimal balance of mind, body and spirit, less than what it costs to send two children to karate class for a SINGLE MONTH! Booked separately, the SIGNATURE Consultation and the 3 x 45 minute follow-up’s would cost $625. For Club members, the cost is only $375 for a whole year, which is like getting the SIGNATURE Consultation free of charge. In addition, our club members benefit from a 10% discount off of any A-La-Carte service booked ay Ayutherapy Ayurveda Wellness Center. So, if you were a typical client that came monthly for a Marma Point Therapy or Shirodhara, you would save nearly $200 over the duration of your annual membership! 

Enrolling Is As Easy As 1-2-3...

  1. Click here to sign up for an annual subscription, paying $375
  2. Click here to book your initial SIGNATURE Ayurvedic Consultation with Vaidya Archana Rao
  3. Complete our health evaluation forms before your first consultation and your journey and benefits of club membership, of expert Ayurvedic health and wellness guidance for the next 12 months

After The Initial Year Of Membership...

Your membership will NOT automatically renew. We will be delighted to keep working with you in maintaining your health and wellness. If this is something that is of interest, you have a couple of options…

  1. Book follow-up appointments on an “as-required” basis with Vaidya Archana. The current cost of these is $125 for a 45 minute session and can be conducted on person, by audio or video.
  2. Purchase a follow-up consultations package. You will receive 4 x 45 minute follow-up’s with Vaidya Archana that can be used up to 12 months from the date you purchase the package. These consultations purchased individually would cost $500 in total, but the package offers a 40% discount and costs $300. Buy the package here

Still Not Sure?

Start with a complimentary (yes FREE) no obligations 20 minute consultation with our Vaidya Archana. You can tour our Ayurveda Clinic, ask questions, understand if and how Ayurveda may be able to help in your circumstances and simply see if it “feels right”. Book a complimentary consultation here

Refund Policy:

  • A 100% refund will be issued if you cancel your annual subscription BEFORE you have your Initial SIGNATURE Ayurvedic Consultation.
  • You have until 30 days after your SIGNATURE Consultation, assuming no follow-ups have been completed, to determine if you want to continue your Annual Membership. If you decide not to, then we will provide an account credit: the $375 membership fee MINUS the $250 cost of the SIGNATURE Consultation, so you WILL NOT be “out-of-pocket”.

Not Sure You Want To Join?

If you’ve Had A SIGNATURE Initial Ayurvedic Consultation In The Past 30 days:
  • Join the club PRIOR TO your 1st follow up consultation, paying the $375 membership and we will gladly credit back the $250 already paid for the initial consultation. 
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