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Ayurveda Wellness – Chronic Pain Management At Ayutherapy Ayurveda Wellness Center

Ayutherapy Ayurveda Wellness Center in the San Francisco Bay Area was started by Ayurvedic doctor, Vaidya Archana Rao, B.A.M.S. It is a top ranking pain management clinic and Wellness Center. Working from the teachings of Ayurveda, a holistic medical system that has been around for over 5,000 years. Ayutherapy offers a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments and therapies for pain management. We are proud to have helped many people in and around Danville, California, get the quality of life they want. One of our specialities is offering affordable pain management treatment programs.

In terms of driving to our Ayurveda Wellness Center, you can input the following into your GPS / navigation:

Address: 111 Town and Country Drive, Suite C, Danville, CA 94526. Tel. 925-575-8700.

Pain Management Specialist

With thousands of consulting hours logged, Vaidya Archana Rao has been practicing Ayurveda in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2006. She is a highly ranked and respected Ayurvedic Practitioner in the United States. In addition she holds the top designation of “Ayurvedic Doctor” at the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). Vaidya Archana has trained, in India, as a Kerala Panchakarma Specialist from the Vaidyaratnam Ayurvedic Institute.

Archana’s clients applaud her results as a pain management specialist. At her clinic in Danville, she calls on thousands of years of pain management knowledge via Ayurveda. The goal is to bring relief from arthritis pain, rheumatism, migraine, carpal tunnel and much more.

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Different Types Of Pain

According to, there are two primary types of pain:

Acute Pain:
  • Acute pain typically comes on suddenly and only lasts for a brief period of time. In most cases, it is the consequence of damage to tissues such as bone, muscle, or organs. And when it first makes its appearance, stress or mental anguish are familiar companions.
Chronic Pain:
  • In general, chronic pain is harder to treat with medicine because it lasts longer than acute pain. It is often linked to a long-term illness like osteoarthritis. In other cases, like with fibromyalgia, it’s one of the things that makes the disease stand out. Most of the time, nerve damage is to blame, but tissue damage can also cause chronic pain.
What This Means:

A person’s mental health can be both influenced by and affected by acute and chronic pain, which can both be incapacitating. But because chronic pain is continual and, in some situations, seems to be practically permanent, it increases the risk of psychological side effects including sadness and anxiety in the sufferer. Psychological anxiety might sometimes make the discomfort worse.

When using painkillers for their chronic pain, almost 70% of patients also experience periods of so-called breakthrough pain. Breakthrough pain describes pain attacks that happen despite using painkillers on a regular basis. Sometimes it might happen on its own or be triggered by a seemingly inconsequential occurrence, like turning over in bed. And occasionally it can be the consequence of the effects of the painkillers wearing off before the next dose is due.

Whether acute pain, chronic pain, nerve damage, pain caused by damaged tissue, nervous system related pain, neuraligia or complex regional pain syndrome, Ayurveda and Ayutherapy offers customized solutions to address symptoms of pain.

"Chronic pain lasts longer than acute pain and is generally somewhat resistant to medical treatment"

Causes And Symptoms Of Chronic Pain:

Your feelings and your pain might go in a circle. When you get hurt, you’re more likely to feel depressed. Because of this, your pain could get worse. Because of the link between depression and pain, doctors often use antidepressants as one treatment for chronic pain. These medicines can help with both the pain and the mental stress it causes. Pain also makes it hard to sleep and makes people more tense. Both not getting enough sleep and having more stress can make pain worse. According to chronic pain is caused by:

  1. Past injuries or surgeries
  2. Back problems
  3. Migraines and other headaches
  4. Arthritis
  5. Nerve damage
  6. Infections
  7. Fibromyalgia
Symptoms of Chronic Pain include:
  1. A dull ache
  2. Throbbing
  3. Burning
  4. Shooting
  5. Squeezing
  6. Stinging
  7. Soreness
  8. Stiffness
They go on to state that in addition to the above, chronic pain can be characterized with feeling very tired or wiped out, not feeling hungry at all, having sleep trouble, changing moods, weakness and a lack of energy. 

Pain Management At Ayutherapy:

When you talk to Vaidya Archana about how your arthritis symptoms are making your life hard, she will first do a full health evaluation. This will reveal the specifics of your underlying situation. She will pay close attention, watch, and learn to figure out where YOUR imbalances come from and how to resolve them. Vaidya Archana will teach you some things and give you a quick start guide during this first session. This will help you figure out what you can do about your habits, diet, and way of life to deal with arthritis pain.

The guidance and, likely, herbal regimen is typically effective and a great first step in the arthritis pain management progress. Depending on the severity of the pain or issues, Archana may suggest additional treatment programs or therapies. These may include a session or a series of sessions which may include the following. Marma Point Therapy, Basti Treatments, Bolus Massage and even a Classical Panchakarma (Complete rejuvenative cleansing of mind, body and spirit) at our center in Danville, California. Learn more about our services and treatments on our services page here.

So, if you are seeking a natural, non invasive, method of addressing the negative impact that chronic pain or illness is having on your  quality of life then Ayutherapy – Ayurveda Wellness Center is worth a look! If unsure then you can call or contact us today for a free 20 minute consultation and have a frank talk about the suitability of Ayurveda to you and you to it.

"I arrived at her office feeling exhausted and diagnosed with Anemia and Tarlov cyst, which caused a lot of pain along my back. She helped me to identify my Dosha and recommended a special diet for it. She recommended Panchakarma as a therapy for deep cleansing of the whole body, it was a life changing experience and the start of my healing process. The Dosha diet and Panchakarma helped me to stop the inflammation of my tissues, as a result the joint and muscle pain and stiffness has been reduced significantly. Her prescription of Ayurvedic herbal medicines, oils and gees, has been helping me to balance my hormones, digestion, reduce the acidity in my body, allow the absorption of Iron, and improve my mood, energy and sleep."

Ayutherapy Services: Summary

  • Understand what foods, lifestyle choices & habits are preventing YOU from living life to the fullest; a life not dominated by chronic pain, illness and other hindrances such as stress, anxiety, skin disorders, womens health issues, weak immunity, allergies, acid reflux, falling hair and much more.
  • Receive a personalized wellness action plan, that takes your constitution into consideration, which you can use as a blueprint for reaching better health and preventing/delaying the onset of physical and mental ailments.
  • Our center offers a full array of authentic Ayurveda treatments such as Shirodhara, Marma Therapy, Abhyanga Massage and comprehensive Panchakarma Packages.

If you are interested in learning if we can help you, book a complimentary 20 minute consultation with Vaidya Archana by clicking here or call us at 925.575.8700

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