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Menopause – Addressing Menopause at Ayutherapy Ayurveda Wellness Center

Ayutherapy Ayurveda Wellness Center in the San Francisco Bay Area was started by Ayurvedic doctor, Vaidya Archana Rao, B.A.M.S. It is a top pain clinic and Wellness Center. Working from the teachings of Ayurveda, a holistic medical system that has been around for over 5,000 years. Ayutherapy offers a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments and therapies for menopause and perimenopause. We are proud to have helped many people in and around Danville, California, get the quality of life they want. One of our specialities is offering affordable menopause and perimenopause treatment programs.

In terms of driving to our Ayurveda Wellness Center, you can input the following into your GPS / navigation:

Address: 111 Town & Country Drive, Suite C, Danville, CA 94526. Tel. 925-575-8700.

Menopause Specialist

With thousands of consulting hours logged, Vaidya Archana Rao has been practicing Ayurveda in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2006. She is a highly ranked and respected Ayurvedic Practitioner in the United States. In addition she holds the top designation of “Ayurvedic Doctor” at the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). Vaidya Archana has trained, in India, as a Kerala Panchakarma Specialist from the Vaidyaratnam Ayurvedic Institute.

Symptoms Of Menopause

WebMD says that there are plenty of menopausal signs. They often include sadness, lack of motivation, irritability, anxiety, aggression, trouble focusing, fatigue, mood changes, and tension. There can also be a lot of other problems, like hot flashes, weight gain and pain during sexual activity. If this wasn’t enough, night sweats, insomnia, hair loss, dry skin and dry vaginal tissue are a few more! Ayurveda can naturally help with menopause and perimenopause symptoms in a way that is right for you.

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How We Can Help With Menopause Or Perimenopause

When you talk to Vaidya Archana about how your menopause symptoms are making your life hard, she will first do a full health evaluation. This will reveal the specifics of your underlying situation. She will pay close attention, watch, and learn to figure out where YOUR imbalances come from and how to resolve them. Vaidya Archana will teach you some things and give you a quick start guide during this first session. This will help you figure out what you can do about your habits, diet, and way of life to deal with menopause.

Clients come to Archana from all over the Bay Area and surrounding cities, Ayutherapy Ayurveda Wellness Center is very centrally located so is very easy to find. We are situated just off of I-680 at theSycamore Valley Rd exit.

Are you seeking a natural method of addressing the negative impact that menopause is having on you? Or maybe it’s  your partner, child or family member’s quality of life that’s impacted? If yes, then Ayutherapy – Ayurveda Wellness Center is worth a look! Contact us for a free 20 minute consultation and discuss if Ayurveda could be a good fit.

Ayutherapy Services: Summary

  • Understand what foods, lifestyle choices & habits are preventing YOU from living life to the fullest; a life not dominated by chronic pain, illness and other hindrances such as stress, anxiety, skin disorders, womens health issues, weak immunity, allergies, acid reflux, falling hair and much more.
  • Receive a personalized wellness action plan, that takes your constitution into consideration, which you can use as a blueprint for reaching better health and preventing/delaying the onset of physical and mental ailments.
  • Our center offers a full array of authentic Ayurveda treatments such as Shirodhara, Marma Therapy, Abhyanga Massage and comprehensive Panchakarma Packages.
Depending on your goals, budget and needs, we may recommend such treatments with your wellness action plan.

Some Information About Menopause:

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