Archana Rao, B.A.M.S, CMT

Kerala Panchkarma Specialist, Registered Ayurvedic Doctor (NAMA)

A lifelong passion for healing and wellness, in harmony with mother nature, is at the very core of why Archana Rao has been the driving force behind building Ayutherapy, and a promoter of the Ayurvedic lifestyle, over the past 20+ years. A graduate from the esteemed, premier league, Gujarat university at Jamnagar, India, Archana Rao has traveled both far and wide in her quest to spread the principles of Ayurveda and pursue a philosophy of continuous study of natural, holistic healing methods and techniques. This mindset of constant learning is the backbone of her approach as an…

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Marma Therapy

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  • Posted on 13 Sep 2020

Panchakarma and How it Can Help You…

In western terminology, the closest translation would be to call it a “cleanse”. However, Panchakarma is much more than that  …hailing from the ancient medical system, from India [Ayurveda], it is a comprehensive and unique purification treatment. It is a complete detoxification program that lasts several, usually 7-21, days …one that is weaved into your daily routines and will cleanse your […]

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  • Posted on 24 May 2020

Ayurvedic Tips for Treating Acid Reflux

A quick read and some fast remedies to deal with Acid Reflux… Also known as Hyperacidity or gastritis, Acid reflux can make you really uncomfortable. Those of you that suffer from it know exactly what I mean, and likely you’ve been drawn to this page because you have this issue! When acid from your stomach […]

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  • Posted on 02 May 2020

5 Remedies: How to Think About & Use Turmeric

Introduction Today we will be looking at what has become a buzzword in health related circles, and that is Turmeric [also known as Haridra]. I will explain the properties, values, misconceptions and pitfalls related to this spice and present to you an appropriate way of using it to improve your health and wellness to avoid […]

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