7 Herbs For Women – On International Womens Day

On this Womens day, I dedicate this article to all the wonderful women I have come across in my life. Thank you for being you …inspiring me to grow each and every day to make the world a better place. I cherish all of you on this special day. 
For todays article I have selected 7 herbs that can help women lead healthier and more productive lives. Hormones play a vast role throughout the life of a woman …all the way from puberty through menopause, and that’s a lot of years! In my many years of practicing Ayurveda, I have worked with women of all age groups and maintain that there are simple home remedies that can make our daily lives far less troublesome… addressing women’s health issues successfully.

Aloe Vera Plant

The 7 Herbs are Black Sesame Seeds, Fenugreek [methi], Ginger, Jeera [cumin], Dill Seeds, Ajwain and Aloe vera. Here are some [not all] key properties of those herbs according to Ayurveda…

Methi (Fenugreek) – Reduces inflammation, promotes digestion & helps milk flow for breastfeeding mothers.

Black Sesame Seeds – Have anti-aging properties, strengthens bones, can help with blood pressure issues.

Jeera (Cumin) – Reduces toxins and promotes a healthier appetite.

Dill Seeds – Excellent for digestive issues, back pain relief.

Ajwain (Carom Seeds) – Anti-bacterial and antifungal and anti inflammatory.

Ginger – Strengthens digestion, anti-inflammatory, purifying and cleansing.

Aloe vera – For beautiful skin [and so much more].

The Remedies

Can Help With…Ingredients & Directions
Period Pains & Scanty Periods* Roast 100g of black sesame seeds on a low heat setting. * Coarsely grind 1 tbsp of roasted seeds and boil them in a cup [8oz] of water on low/medium heat setting until ~2oz remains; stop boiling.
* Add 1 tbsp of jaggery, and drink twice per day for a week, starting 7 days before you are expecting your period. 
* Bonus Info: Eating a handful of black sesame seeds a day are a great method of alleviating back pain and promoting long and healthy hair quality.
Obesity, Scanty Periods & PCOS* Drink 1 tbsp aloe vera gel 2 times a day after lunch and dinner.
Back Pain* Mix 3g of dry ginger powder with 3g of ajwain.
* Consume with 1tsp ghee, twice per day.
White Vaginal Discharge* Take 1 tsp jeera, add 1/2 tsp sugar with rice water.
Postpartum:Breastmilk Production 1:
* Soak 15g of methi flour in ~200ml of milk, overnight. 
* In the morning, warm up ~20ml of ghee and add the milk/methi mixture and slowly bring to a boil. 
* When on a rolling gentle boil, add 20g of jaggery.
* Drink daily, for 21 days during postpartum time.

Breastmilk Production 2:
* Soak 1 tbsp of dill seeds, overnight in ~400ml of water. 
* Boil in the morning until you have ~100ml remaining. 
* Add ~15g of jaggery.
* Drink 30ml, 2-3x per day.
Table Of Womens Home Remedies
Ginger Root

In Closing…

There is so much that Ayurveda can offer the women of the world if they stop to listen, digest and take some basic action …and a lot of it is very straightforward to adopt and benefit from. In this article, I have attempted to at least offer a few options that our clients have gained advantage from and I hope that the suggestions, in some way are a blessing for you or someone close to you 🙂 I urge you to eat nourishing foods, maintain a healthy routine of diet lifestyle, to help alleviate women’s issues such as the ones listed above. 

Of course, many of you will have deeper ailments and issues, and for those we are there to help with customized treatment protocols and you only need to contact us for a complimentary 15 minute consultation so we can discuss if Ayurveda will be a great fit for your circumstances. And with that, you have my genuine best wishes for Womens Day 2021, and every day thereafter.

Kind Regards, Archana. 

PS. If you start to sense adverse effects, please stop taking the herbs and feel free to contact us for further advice and guidance. These remedies are intended only as very general guidance and should not be construed as medical advice.

Here is a review from a recent client:

Archana helped me so much! I can’t say enough good things about her and Ayurvedic medicine in general. I was treated for peri menopause issues and it healed me. Archana’s individual plan for me including Ayurvedic herbs and panchakarma truly made an incredible difference in my life. My symptoms completely resolved and I gained invaluable knowledge specific to my individual body and make-up. Archana was always available, very attentive, extremely knowledgeable, and truly passionate regarding her craft. I’m so grateful that I went out on a limb and tried Ayurveda Therapy for myself. Thank you! Thank you!   

                                                                                         Sarah J, Walnut Creek

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