Ayurvedic Tips for Treating Acid Reflux

A quick read and some fast remedies to deal with Acid Reflux…

Also known as Hyperacidity or gastritis, Acid reflux can make you really uncomfortable. Those of you that suffer from it know exactly what I mean, and likely you’ve been drawn to this page because you have this issue!

When acid from your stomach goes back up your food pipe, that’s how Acid Reflux happens! If it happens to you often, think a couple times a week or more, then you might actually have the full blown disease known as gastroesophageal reflux disease [GERD]. 

This article will speak firstly about the causes & symptoms of of acid reflux, and suggest some basic dietary modifications that should in many cases deliver some relief from the associated discomfort. In addition, I will offer some home remedies that can be really helpful as well!

Causes of Acid Reflux:

Typically, acid reflux is caused by consumption of spicy, oily, fried or citrus foods. Other contributors include excessive caffeine intake, alcohol, eating late at night and smoking. On top of all this, if you suffer from anxiety, anger issues or stress then you could well be a prime target for the dreaded effects of acidity.

Typical Symptoms:

  • Heartburn
  • Headaches
  • Heaviness in the body
  • Insomnia / Disturbed Sleep
  • Itchy Skin

Habits To Form:

Types Of Food To Avoid (at least minimize intake)– Spicy, salty, citrus foods/fruits, tomatoes, pickled foods, refined flours, sugar, chocolate, meat and dairy.
When & How to Eat– Avoid eating late at night, or eat too fast.
– Chew foods properly, take time to relax and rest after eating.
– Fast by picking a day when you only eat light foods such as seasonal fruits and steamed veggies.
General– Do what you can to eliminate excessive stress and promote wellness, for example make a habit to meditate, do yoga and breathing exercises as a part of a lifestyle routine.

Home Remedies You Can Try:

#What You Will NeedWhat To Do
11 tsp each of black raisins & fennel seeds and a cup of room temperature water.Before going to bed at night, soak the raisins and fennel seeds in the water. After waking, put the mixture in a blender and drink mixture while still on an empty stomach. Repeat daily as necessary.
21 tsp fennel seeds, 1/2 tsp licorice powder & hot waterSteep the fennel seeds and licorice together in boiled water for a few minutes, drink the resulting tea [after it has cooled to room temperature] with meals during the day. Note: Avoid licorice if you suffer with high blood pressure.
31/4 head of cabbage, 2 carrots, 1 small cucumber, 1 tsp fennel seeds, 4 mint leaves (per serving)Process all of the ingredients together in a juice maker, and drink the mixture 2 to 3 times per day before meals.
41 tbsp ginger juice, 3 tbsp coconut waterDrink the mixture 2 times per day, after meals.
530ml cilantro juiceDrink a shot of straight cilantro juice on an empty stomach, once per day until symptoms settle.

Additional Guidelines:

You might wonder whether you should try 1, 2, 3, 4 or all 5 of the suggested remedies at a time. I tend to suggest a few different options in these blogs because each of you will have different preferences when it comes what they can/will/won’t try. My guidance would be to, at a minimum adopt the raisins & fennel seeds mixture in the mornings. If you like the sound of any of the other remedies, then try up to 2 or 3 at a time, and note that #2 & #4 are either/or depending on what suits you best. If you follow some of these basic steps then you should start to experience positive results immediately…

In Closing…

Acid is a common, painful issue for many of us. It can be avoided or remedied by making a few simple dietary & lifestyle adjustments…and if it’s impacting you a lot then the kitchen remedies are worth a try. The good thing is that you can try all these remedies without even leaving your home or having to buy medications. If your problems happen to be more severe, then I’m only a call or an email away…

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Archana Rao, B.A.M.S – 24th May 2020

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