Is It Time For A Panchakarma?

“It almost feels like I got a new life!”

Prachi T, Concord

Why write this?

Clients who are considering Panchakarma frequently question me. What might they anticipate from participating in a program with us? Many people simply find it difficult to comprehend [no pun intended] that the advantages of a Panchakarma program may be so profound, so life changing, and so significant in a variety of ways. There are a few reasons why I chose to write this post. The first is that if I ever get asked similar questions again, and the second one is to help our existing clients appreciate the most recent results that we [our clients] have seen through a Panchakarma program at Ayutherapy. It is my intention to publish articles similar to this one sporadically. 

At Ayutherapy, we have administered literally dozens of Panchakarma programs for our clients over the past few months! This is the part of my work, and the work of my team, that is so fulfilling and keeps us doing what is really essential and significant work. Let me explain what a Panchakarma is before we begin.

“The Sanskrit word panchakarma means “five deeds” or “five therapies.” It’s a method for ridding the body of toxins left behind by sickness and bad nutrition. The body, particularly the vitiated doshas, has the intrinsic ability to efficiently process and remove these waste elements. However, digestive enzymes, metabolic cofactors, hormones, and the agni’s – which govern the body’s internal homeostasis – become disorganized as a result of one’s frequent dietary indiscretions, bad exercise habits, lifestyle, and hereditary susceptibility. This can cause toxins to build up and spread throughout the body, resulting in sickness. In Ayurveda, this waste is referred to as ama. Ama is a foul-smelling, sticky, and potentially toxic substance that must be entirely removed from the body.”


Nasya therapy is sometimes used in Panchakarma programs 

To read more about Panchakarma at Ayutherapy, see this page on our website.

This blog’s goal is to show the effects that our most recent clients have actually experienced, not to define what a Panchakarma is. So let’s look at SIX people and what they accomplished over the course of 4–8 weeks with just a herbal regimen, dietary changes, and Panchakarma…

Client Initials Main Complaint Primary Outcomes
SE Chronic Back Pain Primary complaint was excruciating chronic back pain. By the end of her last basti treatment, the back pain was 100% relieved, she had lost 15lbs and her cravings for sweets & food had subsided.
JR Chronic Skin Condition Primary issue was a chronic skin condition that meant she constant itchiness on the skin. When the course was complete, the itchiness was 100% gone and the skin blemishes that she was also worried about had disappeared about 80%.
PG Extreme Plantar Psoriasis PG had a rare and extreme form plantar psoriasis with thick layers of the disorder apparent across the feet area, and elsewhere. After a few weeks of engagement with herbs and a Panchakarma program, PG was delighted that in addition to his skin being fully remedies, he lost 14lbs of weight to boot 🙂
PP Chronic neck pain PP suffered terribly for years with chronic neck pain. Through a custom program, she couldn’t have been happier when her pain was gone and she saw major improvements in her ability to digest a variety of food, something that had been a lingering challenge for her!
SG Severe Psoriasis & Chronic Hip Pain SG came to us with multiple ongoing health issues – primarily chronic hip pain so she could not walk easily AND severe psoriasis across her body –  that years of effort elsewhere had failed to address. We listened to her issues and developed a program which resulted in her seeing her hip pain abolished, 80% improvement on the psoriasis as well as hugely improved digestion. 
CM Obesity (Weight) CM’s main issue was her weight and how she felt about it, and how it affected the way she felt about her self. She lost more than 15 lbs, her moods are steady and improved and the terrible ongoing flow of mucus she had through her channels was all but eliminated.

What else should you know?

  • A Classical, or traditional, Panchakarma IS NOT mandatory. Classical means the intake of ghee/oil for several days and taking time AWAY from your life [1-2 weeks off of work, minimized devices usage, maintaining a strict diet]. For a Panchakarma to be effective, it needs to be embraced, requires a real commitment and discipline and it needs to be compatible with the participants goals and the place that they are in on their health journey. 
  • A Modified Panchakarma is a great option for those that want a “taste” of what a Panchakarma can do for them. Modified Panchakarma’s are something that is administered in India and here at Ayutherapy. While delivering key Panchakarma related benefits, it is something that you WEAVE into the life you have today, making some sacrifices, but not going “all in”. This means you don’t necessarily have to take a lot of time away from work or from life as you know it, but you adjust diet, lifestyle and the focus is more on body therapies for rejuvenation. This type of Panchakarma is becoming more and more popular for our clients who often have a demanding work and life schedule.
  • Panchakarma is NOT only suitable if you have a chronic condition or perpetual physical or mental pain. Panchakarma, correctly administered, will offer GENERAL benefits such as relief from stress, anxiety & depression, deeper more restful sleep, weight improvements, promotes longevity of life, improved digestion, a faster metabolism, higher self esteem & confidence as well as enhanced natural radiance in skin tone & complexion.

The bottom line with panchakarma is that while MAXIMUM benefits can only be attained with MAXIMUM devotion and commitment, MEANINGFUL outcomes may be attained with some basic self-discipline and effort, and I would be pleased to discuss this with you.

In Closing…

In 2010, I traveled to India and underwent Panchakarma, which drastically altered my life. I slept much better because of how I felt afterwards. My health, including my weight, skin tone, texture, mental acuity, vigor, and more were simply enhanced.  After the life changing experience, I realized right away that I needed to tell my friends, family, and community about this. People must experience what I did in their own way. Even better, the advantages might last if you practice fundamental and straightforward discipline. This event inspired me to really kickstart start Ayutherapy in order to give you all the gift of bright, ideal health.

If you are interested in speaking with me about Panchakarma and its suitability for you, then schedule a free 20 minute consultation with me by clicking here or calling our office at 925-575-8700. 

I wish you wellness…

Love. ~Archana.

“I lost 18 lb in 3 weeks”

Siri Y, San Ramon

“The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”

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