Panchakarma and How it Can Help You…

In western terminology, the closest translation would be to call it a “cleanse”. However, Panchakarma is much more than that  …hailing from the ancient medical system, from India [Ayurveda], it is a comprehensive and unique purification treatment. It is a complete detoxification program that lasts several, usually 7-21, days …one that is weaved into your daily routines and will cleanse your mind, body and spirit. After undertaking a Panchakarma program your sensory systems will become more powerful, spiritually you’ll be more grounded, you’ll feel crystal clarity of mind, physically you’ll feel stronger and durable. A Panchakarma program is like getting a major service and detail on your car so it feels shiny and new, from inside out, afterwards…

Quite literally translated from Sanskrit, “Pancha” means FIVE and “Karma” means ACTIONS. These are five actions that you are guided through, over a period of days, coupled with very specific diet and lifestyle direction. All of the above is customized for YOU and is based on your constitution. The five actions consist of Therapeutic vomiting, Diarrhea, oil enema, decoction enema and nasal drops …all built around the following framework:

– Diet & Lifestyle Preparation …to increase your metabolism

– Internal Oleation …to cleanse and recharge the functioning of your organs

– External Oleation …for improved circulation and strengthening your nervous system

Once you’re done with the core Panchakarma program, that’s when the rejuvenative elements program starts. we won’t get into all of that here but it typically revolves around refinement and “staying well”, including dietary, herbal, therapeutic guidance …all customized for your individual needs.

Is Panchakarma Right For You?

The beauty of an effective Panchakarma program is that it’s not just good if you happen to be sick, it is also an excellent option for you if you are healthy. Many of us stumble through life and don’t give enough of a thought to what the toils of life have on our bodies [which are aging], on our minds [that are tiring or overworked] and on our spirit [which can take a bashing at the best of times]. We seek to rebalance & remedy through vacations, medications, exercise and no end of other “get well” methods. While these types of pillars can provide some support, getting real specific and getting yourself a customized “recharge” is what Panchakarma will do. Panchakarma has stood the test of time and has been practiced in India, and beyond, for more than 5000 years! 

In addition to “recharging”, our clients have reported the following as benefits of a successful Panchakarma program…

– Improved Mental/Physical Well-Being

– Better Digestion

– Faster Metabolism

– Deeper, More Restful Sleep

– Higher Self Esteem & Confidence

– More Balanced Hormones

– A Enhanced Natural Radiance In Skin Tone and Complexion

Note: Panchakarma is NOT recommended for pregnant women, if you happen to feel weak or fragile, or if you are over the age of 80. This is primarily because Panchakarma, in order to provide maximum effectiveness does require a good amount of stamina and resilience …and stressing an already “stressed” body or mind isn’t a great idea.

Have a Specific Health Issue?

We have found Panchakarma programs to be hugely beneficial for all of our clients that have undertaken it. In particular, excellent and lasting results have been experiences when clients have been suffering from musculoskeletal issues, skin disorders, allergies, asthma, inflammatory & bowel conditions, digestive issues, obesity/weight reduction cases, blood pressure, hormonal and female issues including period/menstruation pains as well as for those suffering from migraines.

How Does it work?

There are a couple of options. 

The first [most relevant today due to COVID] is an “At-Home” Panchakarma Program. It includes an initial 1:1 health consultation [with Archana Rao], Detailed daily lifestyle and dietary guidance, daily mentoring over the phone during the Panchakarma, herbs, a brochure/kit and a customized protocol.

The more traditional method is a program administered at our center, which will include the same items as illustrated in the “at-home” program, also including some visits to our wellness center to undergo the external body therapies. 

What To Expect:

During a Panchakarma program, you will initially feel some physical and/or mental weakness [remember we are cleaning your mind, body and spirit]. You will need to be mentally prepared to follow a strict daily routine and protocol. Ultimately, this process makes you stronger through your new, stronger, cell creation and development. You will likely lose weight as well, and will benefit from stronger immunity in the long run. 

What Else Do You Need To know? 

Panchakarma is a seasonal cleanse, and is typically performed/recommended either in the Spring [April/May] or Fall [September/October] months, though there are exceptions on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in learning more or are unsure if Panchakarma is right for you, please call us on 925.575.8700 or email me for a complimentary 15 minute evaluation. Our Panchakarma programs start at $499.00.

Here is a review from a recent Panchakarma client:

Archana helped me so much! I can’t say enough good things about her and Ayurvedic medicine in general. I was treated for peri menopause issues and it healed me. Archana’s individual plan for me including Ayurvedic herbs and panchakarma truly made an incredible difference in my life. My symptoms completely resolved and I gained invaluable knowledge specific to my individual body and make-up. Archana was always available, very attentive, extremely knowledgeable, and truly passionate regarding her craft. I’m so grateful that I went out on a limb and tried Ayurveda Therapy for myself. Thank you! Thank you!

Sarah Jabbour, August 2019

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