Tips For Addressing Neck Pain Through Ayurveda

Neck pain is a common issue that occurs for any number of reasons including lack of physical activity, bad posture, heavy use of computers and handheld devices, inactive lifestyles …the list goes on. These days, with many of us working from home, our time in front of screens has increased and it’s not only our eyes that take the toll of this work style change. 

Medical conditions leading to neck pain include muscle spasms, sprains or strains; herniated disc, intervertebral disc prolapse, cervical spondylosis, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and more.

Conventional Treatment For Neck Pain

Often using a combination of pain killers, muscle relaxants & physiotherapy; the approach of conventional treatments can be effective in relieving symptoms. If these measures are ultimately not effective enough then patients can be advised to consider invasive procedures such as epidural injections or surgery to relieve pressure on the nerves that are pinched. While these procedures can be effective at pain relief, they are highly complex and the long term effect/benefit is widely debated. 

How Can Ayurveda Help With Neck Pain?

The ideal approach is to prevent, but failing that, the holistic approach of Ayurveda will address the root cause of the problem to restore blood flow, reduce stiffness and bring your body back into balance. If the onset of problems is recent or not perpetual then we have the opportunity to respond quickly through diet, basic exercises, lifestyle adjustments and external therapies. Alternatively if we are talking about chronic pain with degenerative effects, then Ayurveda can slow down the degenerative process significantly through internal (herbs) and external (therapies) treatments. 

Examples Of The Ayurvedic Approach

Marma Therapy: This is Ayurvedic therapeutic pressure point massage; a powerful, proven approach whereby we open your biological “life energy” points, removing the inflammation which causes the pain.

Bolus Massage: We prepare a bundle (bolus) of anti-inflammatory plant leaves or herbal powders or rice and milk packs (all depending on your constitution and specific ailment). Utilizing custom selected medicated oils, we conduct the bolus treatment on affected areas

Greeva Basti: Image below for illustration. Greeva Basti strengthens the local muscles, bones and ligaments and reduces the likelihood of a recurrence of symptoms. Custom selected warm medicated oil is poured into a dough ring and placed at your points of pain. This procedure is extremely effective in promoting reduced stiffness, pain, bringing a rejuvenating effect to your upper body. 

ayurvedic treatment for neck pain with greeva basti
Greeva Basti Treatment

Details of our holistic Ayurvedic treatments and services are illustrated in the services section of our website. In more severe cases, we offer a 1 to 2 week intensive treatment plan. Below are some words from our clients where we have aided them in addressing painful neck related issues…

“helped me understand the root cause of my chronic neck and shoulder pain which years of physical therapy and therapeutic massage could not relieve”

“my neck and shoulder pain is significantly reduced, my digestion has improved, my sleep is less disrupted, my brain is less foggy and my migraines are under control.”

What Can You Do By Yourself?

Avoid bending your neck while working in front of your computer or handheld device. Look straight, horizontally at your device.

Take a break from sitting in front of your computer for a few minutes each hour, and do some simple neck rotations.

Use a cervical pillow for sleeping as opposed to a standard one.

Avoid stepping out into the cold immediately after washing your hair. If you must go outside, then cover your head with a scarf or hat.

Daily, do some neck strengthening yoga poses such as turtle, cat & cow, cow face, cobra and child. Check for how to perform the yoga postures. 

If you or a loved one are suffering neck pain, or another physical or mental malady, and you would like to understand your options when it comes to Ayurveda, please contact Ayutherapy for a complimentary, no obligations, 20 minute consultation (virtual or at our Danville clinic) with Archana Rao, Ayurvedic Doctor to determine if and how we may be able to help…

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